winlogon.exe Windows Logon Application(winlogon.exe) What is it? Why winlogon.exe Running on My Windows

winlogon.exe Windows Logon Application(winlogon.exe) What is it? Why winlogon.exe Running on My Windows

The Windows Logon Process is in charge of overseeing client logon and logoff, and checks the Windows XP actuation code. Must be in system32 organizer! See additionally: Link Alex

il permet d’ouvrir et fermer les sessions windows it allow to open and close session of windows Diksa

Windows Logon Process SvanUden

It check registratin code and client settings so it appears to be alright, yet a few hacks can change and than it possesses around 100 MB of your memory and slaughters your activity framework David

My dial-up web access was going insane before I utilized “End errand” to close it down. The document creation date was just two days back. Another registry passage HKLM\Software\…\Run was “ICQ Net C:\WINDOWS\winlogon.exe – stealth”. I have never introduced ICQ on this machine (win98SE, IE5.5SP2). I erased the registry passage and the document from the c:\windows dir. No Problems. Michael Thorpe

windows logon process


Essential framework procedure of XP/2000 of signing into the framework itself, checking clients et cetera. Robert

This is the Windows NT logon utility that oversees client logons and logoffs. The utility prompts you for the secret word when you sign on and enables you to log off or close down. It additionally monitors your PC’s license(s) in the event that you are utilizing Windows XP. Nathan

As said by others, this procedure is in charge of overseeing client logon and logoff, both in Windows 2000 and Windows XP. It is superbly typical and safe, AS LONG ASIT’S IN THE SYSTEM32 FOLDER! In the event that it’s running from anyplace else, it’s a FAKE – some malware frequently names itself as a confided in program, just in another index. Capi

W32/Backdoor-CFB Martin Polder

There is a trojan variation of Backdoor.Padador that stows away unser the name winIogon.exe(that is truly winiogon.exe, the ‘I’ is promoted) I trust this is extremely a ‘5″ rating on the off chance that it goes unnoticed, it takes a wide range of compact disc keys and other private data.

I had 2 winlogon.exe open (so it says the taskmanager), the first was “winlogon.exe” the awful document is list with “WinIogon.exe” (enormous I not L). I discovered it in Windowsdirectorie Jodahs

Chek it out Captain Mnemo Pro is running under a similar name winlogon.exe

for what reason does it utilize like 24 MB RAM? It shifts however pretty frequently it does. Chris

I realize that the great winlogon DO NOT Try to log to the web if your firewall disclose to you that it endeavor to associate with the net well you are contaminated me

well I donot no much about this But it keeps poping up sridhar

make a reinforcement of the winlogon.exe that is as of now in the system32 in the event of some unforeseen issue however in the event that it aint 420 KB without refreshing windows then it going to bring your PC down, subsequent to refreshing with sp1 and sp2 the size may change as right now I have no clue Blue Wolf

an infection cws.yexe can made this record this infection isn’t threat however exceptionally claver I changes the default site in ie voyager so be carefull this could be an infection

my PC is running slower than any time in recent memory Stace

I don’t know anything about it, yet my framework has been going fine and Norton hasnt discovered anything so 0 I say its a go! Jessie

I get a lethal blunder in the event that I endeavor to isolate this record. Try not to endeavor to expel it! dcalin

smooth little process gets added to the HKLM\…\run\ registry. It seems to exist together with the genuine executable in the system32 index. It truly has an alternate name that isn’t shown. In the event that you attempt to winzip the record it is shown as w?nlogon.exe. erase this document in the event that it you encounter this and the creation date is later. Try not to erase the genuine WINLOGON.EXE. Derek

It influenced my PC to go insane it was 51,000 in mem use justin

I discovered winlogon in HLKEY/Run other than the genuine winlogon of windows, and when I reorder its name in wordpad, the name was : w?nlogon.exe, I found that in light of the fact that a programmer was slealing all my yahoo and hotmail passwords, even all my own data. it is an extremely perilous infection, so endeavor to limit it and erase it, ps: when u seek by windows, u cannot discover it, and when u do alt+ctrl+del u will see wVnlogon in the assignment supervisor window Zak

This is likewise utilized by the TIBS infection bastards!…in which case it will be situated in a subdirectory “inetsrv” and is substantially littler than the 500 KB os rendition.. Hard to execute in light of the fact that windows supposes you are endeavoring to slaughter the “genuine” one. Attempt a sheltered boot and alter all events of “inetsrv” from the registry!

I needed to duplicate the document from one of my companion PC to my cpu …. at that point it worked Sunny

Its a windows proccess, yet can killyour machine in a matter of months if infections or trojans append to it Chris

It checks your item id an actuation key however it’s a sort of “lawful” spyware. Emil

After the finish of the boot, keep 100% CPU amid 1 mn. PS

WINLOGON is the windows compenent, winlogin.exe isn’t. The underneath interface is the thing that I used to settle it…my firewall found it attempting to associate with the web, in the event that it cant it appears to be safe. A well issue tackled for me. See additionally: Link Pat

My machine likewise has an occasion of WINLOGON.exe (yes in capitals in C:\I386) and as winlogon.exe in C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\DLLCACHE and in C:\WINDOWS\ServicePackFiles\i386. Stamp Johnson

I have winlogon.exe in 6 documents WinSys32, ServicePack records, and 4 Software Distributions. Why ? Pearson

This thing could possibly be the genuine article, since on my machine, it appears as document area \??\C:\WINDOWS\system32\winlogon.exe. When I “Expel” the application, the entire PC just stop, and I get a BSD (Blue Screen of Death). This is extremely odd on a Windows XP machine. Actually this might be the primary BSD I have ever observed on XP! Craig

It doesn’t hang anything when I evacuate process. Tim

In Windows XP it checks to ensure that you have actuated your Windows Operating System. A few people have hacked this record to stay away from the actuation. A changed winlogon.exe document won’t bolt you out and won’t advise you that you have to enact Windows. ZZ

In the event that U discover it in system32 index, spare. if not, it’s infection!

All I know is that directly after I introduced SP2, and took after the reboot incite, I lost this exe record, and got a mistake saying that I had a section point proble. I couldn’t get into my scratch pad rey

to numerous individuals mistake this for the winlogon.exe, it has a capital I in the name to resemble an I. Its extremely persistant it isnt got with adaware or antivirus programming. It cannot be handicapped by means of msconfig. I needed to go into safemode erase the exe at that point expel it out of the registry and it was everywhere throughout the show in there


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